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Ukraine uniting during the war. Ministry of AMBCU

One month of the war has passed. A month ago, each of us had our own personal and far-reaching plans, but the war changed everything drastically. Everyone had to forget about planned repairs, business meetings, career growth and vacation trips. After recovering from the shock, people, including the ministers of our churches, began to make the decision of taking women and children abroad and taking up the work of helping those in need. As a result, four million Ukrainians had to leave their homes for Europe only.

We want to thank our friends in Europe, who kindly received and continue to receive Ukrainians in european countries, such as Poland, Germany and Lithuania and others. Thank you for your willingness to welcome strangers into your homes. Our people are very encouraged and emboldened by the fact that they are not left to the mercy of fate and they have somewhere to go. Special thanks to everyone who donates resources to help our churches in Ukraine. All funds and relief go to places where they are most needed, and literally save people from starvation or help take them out of the shelling zone. Since the beginning of the war, AMBCU has formed eight ministry centers in different regions of Ukraine. Each center has its own team of 10-20 people. The main coordination is performed from the Mukachevo center.

Now, the coverage of the ministry of all the centers, according to our estimates, is more than 17 thousand people. However, we could double or even triple that figure with more resources. We envisage our mission in the fulfillment of the following passage of Scripture: “If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain” Proverbs 24:11

Our mission is to take people from dangerous areas to places of safety and deliver humanitarian aid to the spots with the risk of humanitarian catastrophe. In total, more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid have been sent and distributed. Around 500 women and children were taken to Europe this month. All of our ministry centers cooperate with local governments, which often turn to the ministers for help.

Military officers ask chaplains to support the morale of their subordinates.

Military hospitals are requesting medicines. Social and state centers are asking for help in receiving a huge number of people who flee Mariupol and other infamous cities.

The other day in Kharkov, during a prayer meeting a house of a local pastor was hit by a rocket, which did not detonate. Miraculously, the Lord saved his life and the lives of those who were nearby! The pastor helps people in the hottest districts of Kharkiv, although now he doesn’t have home.

We want the friends and churches that support us to understand the situation in the country and our churches better. For this reason, we have made two maps reflecting the activities of our help centers in conjunction with an up-to-date map of military campaign on the territory of Ukraine. You can find at the end of the letter.

Map key:

Roman ✶/blue

Sergiy ✦ / lilac

Olexiy and Maxim ✿/pink

Denis and Olexiy ✚/lime green

Olexiy ■/grey

Igor ▲/violet

Vladimir ●/navy blue

Sergiy ✱/greenся.

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