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The situation in the Dnieper

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for peace in Ukraine in difficult times. Half a month has already passed since the beginning of the war and a new time for every Ukrainian. Heavy fighting and bombing of cities claim lives every day. There is already a lot of evidence that the Russian military is shelling residential buildings, hospitals, maternity hospitals, kindergartens and schools. The mortality statistics from 67 children increased to 90, more than 100 children with severe injuries. Including about 5 thousand civilians were killed, finding themselves on the street or in a house during the bombing.

Recent news has once again caused our hearts to turn to God with even greater force. At about 6 a.m. on March 11, three airstrikes were carried out on the Novokodatsky residential area in the city of Dnepr. It is impossible to imagine the feelings of people who woke up not from an alarm clock or the laughter of children, but from the explosion of rockets and the smell of smoke. Rescuers immediately went to the scene. Buildings near the kindergarten were damaged, as well as an apartment building and a shoe factory. Firefighters spent the entire morning eliminating the consequences of the fire and helping the victims. According to official data, one person was killed and there were injured.

Another explosion woke up the residents of Lutsk. The airfield was bombed again. People did not hear the sirens and were not prepared for the next raid. If a rocket had hit the house, no one would have had time to hide in a shelter. At the moment, 4 dead and 6 wounded are officially reported. The search for people continues.

We can only believe and hope that soon this lawlessness and horror will stop. Every day Christians turn to God together in prayer. We believe that God will take care of every person in need, every wounded person, every person who has become a victim of the cruel and inhumane decisions of the Russian President and his entourage. No crime goes unpunished.

More than two million Ukrainians have traveled abroad, and it is estimated that this number will increase within a few days. We are grateful to every country that is willing to accept refugees. We are glad that the world supports Ukrainians.

But even in such difficult times, people have joy. Yesterday, a military chaplain from Novomoskovsk, Sergei, married two lovers. They found support in each other and, despite the difficulties, they wanted to make a covenant with each other before God. How wonderful are God's ways for people. May God bless their union and protect them from troubles.

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