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Selfless decisions. War opens people up in a new way

Vasilyevka, a city in Zaporozhye region. From the first days of the war it became a hot spot on the map of military operations in the war between Russia and Ukraine. There is no electricity, heating, gas, or water in the city. There is a catastrophic shortage of food, hungry invaders take food from civilians, not hesitating to take the last of it. Until recently, it was impossible to evacuate people.

Vladimir, a church minister from Zaporozhye, strived to take people from there to safer places. A long stay in a zone of active hostilities left its mark on the psychological state of the locals. People left the destroyed city standing in a cargo minibus. Children, old people, pets. The road is very difficult for them. The previously repaired and comfortable track, due to massive missile attacks, turned into a dangerous test for drivers, riddled with holes. It is especially difficult to move along these roads in the dark, when accidentally falling into a pothole can result in car damage. Some sections of the route, several kilometers long, have to be walked by people in order to quickly get to safer areas.

To date, Vladimir has managed to rescue 18 people from the dangerous area. Some immediately boarded evacuation trains to reach safer parts of the country. Of particular concern is the severe psychological state of children after shelling. They still have a long way to go with restoration specialists. Vladimir is not going to stop there and plans to travel to Vasilyevka as long as it is possible to evacuate civilians. War opens people up in a new way.

So Vladimir, an unremarkable Christian in peacetime, bravely overcomes long distances on a very dangerous road. He saw this as his calling from the Lord. Where others do not even dare to go, where broken cars lie along the road, but when human lives are in the balance, he is ready to sacrifice his own comfort and well-being. As it turns out, there are a lot of strong and fearless people in our churches who are ready to help those in need. Please pray for Vladimir and selfless people like him, so that God will protect them, inspire them, support them and give them wisdom in making decisions.

We also pray for more suitable transport for this ministry of Vladimir, because his cargo minibus was already in a deplorable state before the war, and of course it would be much more convenient to transport people in a car designed for transporting passengers.

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