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Ministers cannot turn the tide of war, but they can influence the lives of hundreds people

Even before the start of the war, the Western media openly broadcast about the imminent conflict in Ukraine. The headlines of the articles read: “Russia is preparing an invasion”, “War is inevitable”, “Foreign companies are being evacuated from Ukraine”. Churches in the US and Europe were also deeply concerned about the aggravation of the situation and tried to join forces to help Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Few believed that Ukraine could hold out, but it still does.

The conflict in Ukraine gets now less attention than it did in February and March, but Ukrainians still need help. According to NewsWhip and Axios, people are 22 times less likely to open news articles about the war in Ukraine now compared to the first week of the war. AMBCU’s ministry may not be able to turn the course of the war, but they certainly can have impact on the lives of hundreds and thousands of people in Ukraine. We are doing everything to make sure the war in Ukraine does not become white noise for the world community, and so that the voices of Ukrainians crying out for help are heard.

Besides, it's quite rare to see good news in the headlines these days, something that wouldn’t bring tears to your eyes. More often there are photographs of buildings gone down like houses of cards, or videos of grubby children in Mariupol queuing for bread and crying when you try to talk to them.

The situation in Ukraine is difficult, but during the war, Christians have rallied to make good news prevail. On the big news portals, they rarely show a photo of a smiling lonely grandmother who was brought groceries. But we do. “Unless you change and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven,” Christ taught. It is this kind of childlike joy that even adults rejoice when they are treated with the care they desperately need.

It is hard to say exactly what happens in a person's heart when faced kindness, but more than once people have burst into tears when they were given food or medicine.

The donations that the Association receives go to ensure that the hearts of people broken by the war receive healing and fill with gratitude. AMBCU ministers and volunteers persistently deliver humanitarian aid to places where shops do not even work and there is nowhere to await help from, where people are in dire need of food and medicaments.

With the money we’re donated, we buy food to package iCare food boxes, as well as medicines and hygiene items. While not overlooking the role of spiritual food in people's lives, we distribute the Gospels to people, and children's Bibles to children and the elderly. We believe that God can reveal himself to these categories of people through colorful illustrations and Bible comics.

Caring for children and the elderly is one of our priorities. War in Ukraine began back in 2014, and those children who were born at that time do not even know that there was once a time of peace. And some elderly people witnessed the horrors of the Second World War in their day, and having stolen their childhoods, the war now tries to take away their tranquil old age. Now both children and old people are more than ever ready to hear God's word.

Our task is to provide children with a happy childhood that the war stole from them, and to prepare the older generation for a meeting with God, because some of them are already in the vestibule of eternity.

Our ministry centers are already designing ten children's projects that will allow children to connect with their peers and hear the gospel. Also, such events will help to get acquainted and learn about the urgent needs of the parents of the children. As a result, about 20 thousand people will be able to hear about God's mercy.

Please know that your unceasing prayers and gifts have a profound impact on relieving the suffering of thousands of Ukrainians.

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