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How to keep calm and faith during the War

In the early days of the Russian occupation, the life of every Ukrainian changed. The soldiers went to war to protect fellow citizens and the state. Thousands of families were left without fathers or children. Residents of Kharkiv, Rivne, Sumy, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporozhye regions came under and were forced to leave their homes and go to "nowhere". Many did not have relatives or friends willing to take them in. Those who remained in their homes, every day, to the sound of sirens, descended into the freezing basements and there, with small children or the elderly, they stayed for five to six hours. Many have lost their business and future. The war took away childhood and bright dreams from children. Who would have thought that in the 21st century Europe would undergo trials similar to those in Second World War?

So, how to deal with mental stress?

Public figure Marina Romanenko has given some advice on how Ukrainians can maintain mental balance during the war.

Learn to live with limitations

Depending on the suffering experienced, everything from the smallest things, such as favorite foods, gasoline at an affordable price, the ability to move around freely, to live without a home, without a familiar environment and in completely different conditions, are among the restrictions. In any situation, you must first calculate your resources and see the possibilities. Resources include water and food, medicines, household items and communications. If it is not possible to replenish these reserves, then humanitarian aid centers you can turn to operate all around Ukraine. People share what they have and strive to help. Opportunities are more difficult to notice if you feel drained of energy and gloomy thoughts and depression overcome you. But of course, there are some. New acquaintances, new ideas and discoveries. If you have enough energy, start doing what you always wanted to, but didn’t have enough time for. Or join the volunteers and help others.


The British have this expression: "Winter always comes..." It so happened that it did come to us. To survive it, one must remain calm. Especially if one has children or people for whom you need to be an example of composure, love of life and the ability to act prudently. In news feeds, everything changes very quickly: good news in the morning, bad news in the evening, so it is very difficult to cope with an endless stream of information. It is better for people with a weak psyche not to start the morning with news channels at all

But the most dangerous is misinformation. Do not succumb to provocations, read trusted sources. Don't get into fights with people who will never understand you anyway. Do not shake your nervous system. Do not waste your inner strength, do not share it with those who provoke you into conflict. Keep calm.

Personal inner plane within someone else's plane

A person breaks down and gives up when he gives in to excessive panic. There are always things that a person cannot influence, but in contrast, there must always be your own personal inner plan! It could be anything from bringing the family together in one safe place to moving out to a quiet place if possible. It is very important to cling to reality. After all, even if your world is collapsing, there is a certain amount of stability in it: put the child to bed, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, read a bedtime story to the baby and many other everyday things. Do not abandon them! Stick to the routine. Cling to what lives on. People always need help. If you are alone, there will always be a neighbor who wants to talk over dinner. Constant care is what makes a person feel appreciated.

AMBCU’s vision

The war changed the lives of Christians. Gone is the calm with which ministers used to attend church. The course of the services and the topics of the sermons have changed. People and responsibilities have shifted. At a time like this, Christians simply cannot remain the same. For many people this is a time of trials, loss and fear, and for Christians it is the time of community and of plenty of opportunities to show God's love to people.

In the first month of the war, there was a "reset" of the churches of the AMBCU. Churches were turned into reception centers for refugees, Christian houses with basements turned into points of safety for neighbors and visitors. Ordinary drivers became volunteers and started taking people out of dangerous areas, ordinary people had to learn to be a psychological support in their environment. And the leaders of youth groups became engaged in search of food for the military.

Thanks to the power of God, AMBCU churches have organized nine help centers for people throughout Ukraine. Poltava, Mukachevo, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Novomoskovsk, Sumy, Nikolay-Pole are cities and villages where Christians now work and serve in aid centers

Now we are even more than ever determined to help other people. Thanks to the work of nine centers, to which everyone in need comes for help and receives it, thanks to community and prayers, thanks to the understanding that God takes care of us and does not leave us in difficult days, Christians continue to bring light to others daily. We owe to the Lord that we have resources, peace and a personal inner plane within someone else's plane.

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