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Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God

The Russian-Ukrainian war is called fratricidal. Closely related peoples, who used to fight shoulder to shoulder with an external enemy, now stand on opposite sides of the barricades. The civilian population of the frontline territories of Ukraine finds itself on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe - in many cities and villages there is no water supply, electricity, gas or heating. Food and basic necessities are also almost over. The whole Christian world is praying for Ukraine. Many caring Christians are trying to support the victims.

Thanks to all caring people who help Ukrainians. Your prayers and your support inspire us to fight against the injustice that has surrounded us and not to become discouraged. The Korea church relief team have organized humanitarian aid for Ukrainians in need. Koreans, like no one else, are familiar with the horror of fratricidal wars. The once united state was divided into two parts - North and South Korea. One people - two drastically opposite states. God has made us family in Christ, brothers. And your brotherly love and support is so precious to us. We thank God ceaselessly for your help.

We also thank the ministers from Lithuania, Poland and Germany who accept women, children and the elderly into their families. After all, the root cause for staying in the war zone is the belief that they have nowhere to go. More specifically, if there are no relatives abroad, there is a fear that people will end up on the street or will have to spend the night at the railroad station. Therefore, everyone who now opens their homes to refugees helps people to believe in kindness and compassion.

In addition, ministers bring humanitarian aid to Ukraine. According to one family that moved to Germany, there were almost no products and essential goods left on the shelves in stores. Empty shelves with cereals, canned food, pasta, flour and sugar. People buy soap, toothbrushes, diapers and other hygiene products. The family thought that the locals were preparing for a possible attack, and so they stocked up. But as it turned out, the warehouses are empty not because of the high demand of the local population, but because of humanitarian organizations. Churches, associations and some enterprises buy the goods listed above and send them to Ukraine.

And that's just the part you can see. But how many people are now on their knees in prayer, how many people psychologically and morally support each other, how many people donate their money to help orphans, how many people continue to work in the information field to prevent spreading of fakes. Praise the Lord even for the smallest contribution, because even this can save someone's life.

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