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14th day of war. Christian response to people's needs

14th day of the war. Reading the news reports, you never get tired of being surprised by human cruelty. There are more and more reports of dead children, unsuccessful attempts to escape from the encirclement, deaths of volunteers in the hot spots of the country. Tears, pain, destruction and hopelessness in the occupied cities. Harsh military everyday life - that sums it all up. It is impossible to stay away. We Christians try to serve people. Everyone and to the best of our ability. Someone has committed to supporting the victims in prayer, someone is evacuating people from dangerous areas, someone helps remotely by turning to maps and navigators and getting directions, trying to select less busy sections of the route, and someone is preparing and sending humanitarian aid. Brothers and sisters from neighboring countries collect essential items and try to deliver them to Ukraine as soon as possible. The war that divides people has become a subject that unites peoples. God once again proves that any tool in His hands is capable of serving us for the good; and even in these difficult circumstances, we become closer to God and to each other.

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