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Жовті квіти

Volunteers and Christians are needed

The war in Ukraine continues. For almost two years, the members of the Association, together with their partners, have materially and spiritually supported war-weary Ukrainians in the rear. Imigrants, orphans, soldiers on the front line and in hospitals, disabled people, low-income families, people who do not know Christ - these are the population groups that need help the most.

To support them, servants and volunteers collect food and hygiene packages; together with partners provide low-income families with basic necessities; chaplains serve in hospitals and at the front, proclaim God's word; Christian literature is printed; events for children and teenagers, meetings for adults are held; construction of modular houses is underway.

We ask you to pray for all volunteers and ministers. Two years of intensive work during martial law is exhausting, material resources are quickly exhausted, but the war continues. 

Thank you


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