Worshipping the Lord with ministers from Volniansk

2022-02-16 11:54



Worshipping the Lord with ministers from Volniansk

On February 13, ministers of the Baptist church in Volniansk visited our Sunday service and worshipped God with praiseful hymbs





On Sunday February 13, guests from Volniansk came to the New Hope church to worship God together. They are ministers of a young Baptist Church called Viphaniia (Bethany).
The Lord has gifted the guys with huge talents. They’ve been visiting orphanages and hospitals for a long time, performing melodies of church songs and hymns in a wind band. They also go performing for the Donetsk region. Their mentor and pastor – Vasily – a man who dedicated his whole life to the Lord  and to the music ministry and despite his age, keeps working with youth, encourages them to strengthen their faith and tell people about God with the help of music.
During the service, they sang several songs and played several melodies with wind instruments. The performance of “O, prayer”, “Vo Vyfleiemi” and “the Easter song” left special impressions. 


In their sermons, the ministers also brought up the topics of faith (Abraham’s story Gen. 22:4-10) and God’s miracles (Luke 8:41-56) in people’s lives. The topics were complemented with life stories of people, where God would miraculously help and support them in times of despair. Involuntarily you figure, “Come to think of it, it’s true! God does miracles daily. It’s just that we sometimes are being blind and don’t see it.”
For some, miracles are visible, some take it as coincidences, others don’t even realize they’ve become witnesses of a miracle. As pastor Roman Rakhuba said, “Miracles are not only when something happened, but also when something didn’t happen” Nowadays, the whole of Ukraine is waiting for a miracle. It’s awaiting the rescue and the  protection from Russia’s military intervention. Please pray for our country. May the Lord do another great miracle.
Praise God for the guys from Volniansk. For their work, talents and dedication. We pray for them and look forward for our next meeting.


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