Teen meetings

2022-01-03 15:49


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Teen meetings

The teen ministry of the New Hope church is inviting everyone interested to its cool meetings. The leader team has prepared many exciting things for 2022



























Teen meetings are a special time. There are so many open doors in front of every girl and guy of this age. More choices, more information, more drama and stress. It is so easy to get overwhelmed if there are no friends to back you up.

        Our young leader team has been conducting teen meetings for over two years. We play board games, active games, ask about each other’s lives, and laugh at funny stories. Every meeting is a new experience and an opportunity to learn something new and get answers to the questions of interest. The main particularity of our interactions is affection and openness.

        We gladly share our experiences, read Bible and learn to respect everyone’s opinion. On top of that, such useful discussion topics as “Stress”, “Friendship”, “Relationships”, “Trust” help the teens to understand the world better, not to make hasty decisions and not to be deceived. All of this builds mutual trust and friendship among us.

        We learn together to listen to each other without interrupting and without being afraid to express one’s thoughts. A crucial part of the ministry is our trips and common projects. Over this time, we’ve succeeded in collecting quite a lot of good memories. We have visited Uman, the island of Khortytsia, Poltava, we have gone to movies, cafés, and have even managed to ride horses. Later last summer, we managed to organize a week-long camp on the shore of the  Dnipro River.

        Our team has already prepared a lot of interesting things for the year 2022. We’ll be glad to see newcomers at our meetings. Be sure to come 😊


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